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During disputes, there are two sides to every story and as many quotes state, the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. During business disputes, many times people claim they will sue someone for defamation, but what does that actually require? Legally, defamation is an intentional false communication that harms a person’s reputation, character or career. Defamation exists in two categories:

  1. Written form, which is called libel; and
  2. Spoken form, which is called slander

In order to succeed in pursuing a defamation lawsuit, the written or verbal statement made against the injured party must be false and the statement must cause damage to one’s character, reputation or career. If the statement made is true, that is usually an absolute defense and bars recovery in a defamation lawsuit.

Whether you are pursuing or defending a defamation lawsuit, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced attorney. In defending or pursuing a defamation lawsuit, Oppenheim Law has experience in identifying and resolving defamation cases and will explore the issues and damages with you. Contact us online or give us a call at 954-384-6114 today and we will gladly assist you.

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