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Business Development

Business formation and development is a very intricate process which involves numerous informed decisions. For example, choosing the proper corporate structure is a decision that will carry significant weight throughout the lifespan of your business. The corporate structure you choose will affect the dynamics of taxation at local, state and federal levels. The corporate structure you decide to utilize will also shape the scope of legal liability to which you are personally exposed. Once we assist you in choosing an appropriate corporate structure – whether it be a limited liability company or an s-corporation – our attorneys can guide you and explain to you how operating agreements, bylaws, articles of incorporation and partnership agreements can protect you from financial liabilities in the event that disputes among shareholders arise, your business fails or becomes insolvent, or what strategy will allow you to attract investors and required capital.

If you or your company is seeking legal representation for any corporate or business-related matter, please contact us online or give us a call at 954-384-6114 today for a consultation.

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