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Corporate Governance

Florida Corporate Governance Attorneys 

Corporate governance laws are often complex and confusing, providing an outline of rules, standards, right and obligations of the many parties involved in corporate business structure including shareholders, officers, directors, and managers. While corporations are an integral part of our economy, often even the most seasoned business people do not fully understand corporate governance agreements and laws that shape everyday business. At Oppenheim Law, we firmly believe that effective corporate governance is a key to the strength and integrity of a company, allowing key corporate representatives to make effective and sound business decisions. When that integrity is compromised, it undermines the stability and efficiency of the corporate structure, often resulting in an implosion of the company and significant losses by its shareholders. Whether its counseling our clients on how and when a shareholder can request a review of corporate documents, engaging in multi-million dollar litigation over a breach of fiduciary duty or self-dealing by a director or officer of a company, Oppenheim Law has represented parties on all sides of corporate governance litigation, ensuring that companies have the correct checks and balances in place, and seeking compensation for financial losses to shareholders when directors or officers ignore those checks and balances or engage in actions for their own financial gain.

Should you have any questions regarding the governance of your company, please feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 954-384-6114 and we will be and we will be glad to respond to your inquiry.