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Oppenheim Law has decades of experience representing homeowner’s associations. We realize the difficulties that managers, developers and board members of HOAs face when dealing with HOA laws that are continuously being modified. From issues ranging from the collection of HOA dues and amendment of HOA bylaws to HOA turnover issues, our team is prepared to provide your HOA with the finest legal representation.

The Firm, from its inception, has represented a number of homeowner and condominium associations, including having formed the Homeowners Association at Weston and serving as that association’s general counsel. In addition, during the course of the past several years, the Firm has served as counsel to other homeowner associations including Windmill Reserve Homeowners’ Association and Landmark Ranch Estates Homeowners’ Association.

Individual lawyers in the Firm have served on the board of various homeowner associations and Mr. Oppenheim previously served as general counsel to the associations of the prestigious Arvida developed condominiums of Meisner Tower and Meisner Court located in Boca Raton, Florida. In addition, the Firm has worked with a number of its clients in developing properties through the use of condominiums or Declarations of Covenants and Homeowner/Landowner Associations. Our Condominium & Homeowners Association (HOA) Attorneys serve Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Miami-Dade & Florida State.

Please contact us online or by phone at 954-384-6114 to schedule a consultation.

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