Prominent Florida Foreclosure Defense Firm Oppenheim Law Announces Deferred Payment Plan for U.S. Government Employees Affected by Historic Government Shutdown

Mon Jan 14, 2019 by on News & Press Releases

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Attorneys

Fort Lauderdale Foreclosure Defense Attorneys look to ease the government employees affected by the current shutdown by helping them with their foreclosure and housing needs, and deferring payment for such services until they return to work Ellen Pilelsky and Roy Oppenheim, co-founders of Oppenheim Law, announce today that due to the historic government shutdown, their firm will assist government employees […]

Amicus Curiae Brief – Glass v Nationstar Mortgage

The Oppenheim Law team recently had the honor of filing a friend-of-the-court brief (otherwise known as an amicus curiae brief) in the case of Glass v. Nationstar, which is pending before the Florida Supreme Court. The issue is whether a borrower in a foreclosure action is entitled to attorneys’ fees when the borrower has successfully disputed the bank’s standing to […]

Attorney Fee Debate Heats Up as Florida Supreme Court Accepts Case

Thu Feb 15, 2018 by on News

The following article was originally published in the Daily Business Review by Samantha Joseph and has been republished with excerpts from Roy Oppenheim.  “Whenever you’re dealing with attorney fees, it’s a very sensitive issue,” attorney Roy Oppenheim said. “The court should have known that they were going to create a ruckus and a firestorm.” By Samantha Joseph | February 14, 2018 […]