Other Practice Areas

Although our Firm has highlighted, on our website, the main areas of law that we practice on a daily basis, our legal services are not limited to only those specific areas of law. Often when our clients come to our Firm with a general legal issue, their matters tend to evolve into multiple areas of law. For instance, we previously represented a client in the defense of a commercial mortgage foreclosure matter after the plaintiff wrongfully obtained a deficiency judgment against our client. That plaintiff then proceeded to obtain a writ of garnishment against our client and had U.S. Marshalls seize their boat (vessel due to its size). This matter then turned into a federal maritime lawsuit when the lienholder of the vessel was informed of the improper seizure of the vessel. We were successful in dissolving the writ of garnishment, recovering our clients’ vessel, and having the court reverse the improper deficiency judgment that had been entered against our client.

Some additional areas of law that we have been involved in are:

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