FLSA / Overtime and Unpaid Wage Claims

Unpaid Hourly Wages

Under both Federal and Florida State law, except for a few exceptions, your employer must pay you for every hour that you work. This simple rule is often not followed by employers. There are many instances in which employers fail to pay their employees for the time they have worked. Below is a list of common violations that employers commit in order to avoid paying employees the full compensation that they are entitled to:

  • Rounding down time worked
  • Changing time and payroll records
  • Not paying employees for travel time between work sites
  • Not paying employees for work done at home
  • Not paying employees for training sessions
  • Not paying employees for time spent in meetings
  • Failing to compensate interns with proper wages

You should be aware that you do not need to possess records of hours you have worked in order to pursue your claim of unpaid wages. It is the burden of the employer to keep records and documentation of an employees’ time. It is also the employer’s burden to prove that you did not work the hours that you claim you did work and for which you were not paid.

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Unpaid Overtime Wages

In many employment relationships, employers may require employees to regularly or occasionally work overtime hours. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) most hourly workers who work over forty hours during any given work week must be compensated at their normal hourly rate plus an additional 50% of that rate. This pay structure is typically referred to as “time-and-a-half.” The FLSA applies to employees receiving a salary as opposed to an hourly wage.

If you have worked overtime hours for your employer and you have not been compensated in accordance to the FLSA, contact an experienced attorney from our Firm. We will analyze your claim and inform you of the remedial actions you may pursue in order to recover the overtime wages that you have earned. Feel free to contact us online or give us a call at 954-384-6114. An experienced attorney will assess your claim and explain to you the legal options available to you.

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