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Registered trademarks require maintenance. Aside from monitoring for infringers, documents must be filed periodically with the trademark registry to keep the registration alive. In the United States, the registrant of a trademark must file affidavits of use indicating  continual use of the Trademark in commerce. International registries have their own maintenance schedules, but also require periodical filings. Those filings must include specimens that authenticate and show the actual use in commerce. All filings are reviewed for accuracy and authenticity by an examining attorney.

what is a trademark

If a registrant fails to meet the trademark registry’s deadline the trademark might be marked abandoned and may become available for registration by another registrant.

Oppenheim Law offers services of brand management in which we assist you by organizing and tracking maintenance deadlines of all their trademarks. We also offer document retrieval of notices and a single point of contact with the different trademark registries, so you are up to date with any information pertaining to your registered trademarks.

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