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Tortious Interference in Commercial Litigation

Tortious interference is a concept in commercial litigation that pertains to the disruption of a contractual relationship between two entities by an external party, leading to potential financial damages. Such interference can arise due to motivations like personal gain, malice, or other reasons considered inappropriate.

When an external party intervenes in a contractual bond and causes an economic detriment to one of the involved entities, this action is characterized as tortious interference. This not only impacts the ongoing or prospective relationship between the primary parties but also exposes the interloper to potential legal ramifications.

It is essential to note that a claim for tortious interference generally revolves around a contract or business relationship. For a successful claim, the aggrieved party must demonstrate:

The defendant’s awareness of a legitimate contract or business bond between two entities.

The defendant’s intention to disrupt this relationship.

The disruption led to the plaintiff incurring financial losses.

For those affected by such interferences, seeking specialized legal counsel can be pivotal in navigating this intricate domain of commercial law and ensuring rightful redressal.