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Contracts form the backbone of numerous professional engagements. In this digital age, while electronic signatures have made the process easier, it may have inadvertently made people less cautious. Roy Oppenheim of Oppenheim Law highlights the necessity of rigorous contract review and drafting, advocating for individuals and businesses to avail professional legal advice.

Dangers of Quick Sign-Offs:

In the digital era, platforms like DocuSign have streamlined contract signing. Yet, there’s concern that users might skip reading terms. Whether in digital or paper format, contracts require thorough reading.

The Value of Legal Expertise:

For Individuals: If you’re about to sign a significant contract, it’s crucial:

  • To understand its terms.
  • Seek legal consultation.
  • If possible, modify terms to ensure they’re in your favor or, at the least, not detrimental.
  • For Businesses: Drafting contracts is an intricate affair. Using AI or piecing together various online sources isn’t sufficient or advisable:
  • Drafting requires legal expertise.
  • Contracts should be structured professionally and tailored to specific needs.
  • Professional legal oversight ensures that contracts protect business interests and stand up in legal situations.

Amending Contracts:

A common misconception is that contracts can’t be altered. In reality, aside from standard agreements like streaming service subscriptions, most contracts can be marked up and changed.

Oppenheim Law’s Applied Fee Concierge Program:

Businesses, especially those that regularly present or deal with contracts, should consider professional contract review. The Applied Fee Concierge Program from Oppenheim Law offers a cost-effective and consistent solution, ensuring contracts get the expert attention they require.


Contracts are foundational in business, and their importance cannot be underestimated. Whether you’re an individual or a business entity, prioritize getting expert legal advice to ensure your rights and interests are safeguarded.