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Asset protection planning is a critical aspect of securing one’s financial future, yet many individuals only seek assistance after facing adversities like insurance lapses, judgments, or crises. Oppenheim Law emphasizes the significance of proactively strategizing for asset protection, particularly during times of peace and clarity.

Key Points:

Timeliness is Crucial: The ideal time for asset protection planning is during periods of stability and calm. Proactivity can prevent the repercussions of unforeseen adversities.

Decades of Experience: With over 30 years in the field, Oppenheim Law has encountered a myriad of issues, providing valuable insights and guidance to clients.

Integrated Approach: Often, asset protection is intertwined with estate planning, and an integrated approach can offer comprehensive solutions.

Addressing the Unknown: A significant stress factor for individuals facing financial or legal challenges is the uncertainty of the situation. By identifying, quantifying, and addressing these unknowns, one can navigate challenges with greater confidence.


Asset protection and estate planning are not just about preparing for adversities but also about understanding potential risks and navigating them effectively. By seeking guidance early on, individuals can alleviate stress, understand their options, and implement strategies to protect their assets and legacy. Oppenheim Law is committed to assisting clients in this journey, ensuring they are well-prepared for any financial situation they may encounter.