Entertainment Law

Over the past several years, as we have seen a growing convergence of the film industry, with the internet, and social media, Oppenheim Law has been engaged in numerous entertainment related matters. For 25 years the firm has represented celebrities and major sports figures and been engaged in entertainment law. For example, the firm:

  1. 1. Has reviewed reality TV contracts for various participants;
  2. 2. Has obtained music rights for various film projects;
  3. 3. Has secured various intellectual property rights for various creative projects;
  4. 4. Reviewed agency agreements with specific talent;
  5. 5. Reviewed licensing agreements for the distribution of films through various mediums;
  6. 6. Reviewed and drafted contracts for engaging post-production facilities in connection with various film projects.
  7. 7. Reviewed and prepared contracts concerning the hiring of models and entertainers.
  8. 8. Litigated various types of conflicts concerning breach of contract or lack of performace by a party.

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