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What Are Real Estate Attorney Fees?

By OPLawSocialMedia on Real Estate

Video: What Are Real Estate Attorney Fees?

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Full Transcript: Another question people sometimes have are, what are real estate attorney’s fees? I mean, how much are they? And the answer is, they’re going to be all over the board depending on so many different variables. And some of the variables are going to be, is how much time and effort does the attorney have to put into the transaction? If it’s a small, routine matter, they won’t have to put in as much, and for a very complex, multi-billion dollar transaction, could not involve one attorney, it can involve an entire law firm.

It’d involve teams of attorneys. The other thing is, how experienced is the attorney? If the attorney is experienced and been practicing a long time, you’re paying for that experience. And a lot of times, people think you’re just paying for time. You’re not really just paying for their time, you’re paying for their wisdom, you’re paying for their knowledge, you’re paying for the fact that they’ve seen things so many times before. And so, they have a data set. They have data points that they can plug your situation into and evaluate it based on other circumstances and stuff.

What Are Real Estate Attorneys For?

What Are Real Estate Attorneys For?

It’s not like a new lawyer who then has to go and research something for the first time. You have someone who, at the top of their tongue, the top of their head, understands what’s going on and can move very quickly and advise you. And so, you’re going to get what you pay for in almost all circumstances. So, it really just depends what you’re looking for and what your needs are.

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In our case, our fees have always been very reasonable, and we like to think that most attorneys are quite reasonable too. Our real estate attorneys located in Fort Lauderdale serve the entire state of Florida with convinient freeway access if you would like to meet in person. Contact us now!

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