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Understanding Tortious Interference Claims in Commercial Litigation

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Attorney Roy Oppenheim explains the concept of tortious interference in commercial litigation. This happens when a third party interferes with a contractual relationship between two entities causing economic harm. The interference could be out of self-interest, malice, or other unacceptable reasons. When such interference occurs, it opens up the possibility of a lawsuit against the intervening party. Oppenheim Law is available to assist in such cases of tortious interference.

Hi, Roy Oppenheim for Oppenheim Law. I want to talk a little bit in the area of commercial litigation about tortious interference. So, what does that mean, tortious interference? It means when a third party steps into a contractual relationship between two people and somehow diverts that relationship, and causes economic harm to one of the parties. And so, when you do that, that’s called tortious interference, you’re interfering with a prospective relationship, a contractual relationship between two parties that you have no business getting involved with. And that you do it for your own good or maybe out of malice, or maybe for some other reason that’s not deemed acceptable. And to the extent that you do that, you open yourself up to being sued for tortious interference.

At the same time, we have sued folks for tortious interference when they’ve interfered with our client’s business and have caused them harm. So, tortious interference is a very interesting area in law, very interesting commercial law, and one area that we would be glad assist you with if you have any questions about tortious interference in the area of commercial litigation.