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Understanding the Importance of Articles of Incorporation

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Articles of Incorporation

In this video, attorney Roy Oppenheim explains the significance of the articles of incorporation, which are the founding documents filed with the Secretary of State when establishing a corporation. These documents are akin to the constitution of a corporation, defining its operating principles and structures.

He cautions against attempting to file these documents online without legal advice, comparing an incorrectly completed filing to a house of cards that could easily collapse. He emphasizes that it is crucial to discuss with a lawyer whether incorporation is the right option for a particular business, as compared to other structures like a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

In addition, he recommends discussing the potential tax implications and the possible need to qualify to do business in other states, based on the state in which the corporation is incorporated. This conversation further highlights the critical role of legal counsel in the process of incorporating a business.

Attorney Roy Oppenheim here for Oppenheim Law. How are you? I wanna talk a little bit about the articles of incorporation. Those are the… It’s like the constitution of a corporation. That is the initial founding document that you file with the Secretary of State. And sure, you can do it online. Don’t recommend it. Think you should have your lawyers not even your CPA do it because it is an important document, and it needs to be done correctly. And if it’s done incorrectly, it’s like a house of cards. The whole thing can collapse.

Having said that, you know, you should have a lawyer talking, before you even file the articles of incorporation, you should be having a conversation with your lawyer, if in fact, incorporating is the right vehicle versus an LLC or some other enterprise. Should also be talking about if you’re incorporating in the right state, and what the tax significance and ramifications are of filing in a certain state, and then having to qualify to do business in another state. So, if you have any questions about filing articles of incorporation, feel free to call us. Attorney Roy Oppenheim.