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Subscription Based Legal Services

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Roy Oppenheim from Oppenheim Law introduces the concept of Legal Services as a Subscription (LAS), likening it to a Netflix subscription model. Businesses pay a monthly flat fee based on the company size and service usage, getting access to legal advice and reviews of various contracts, employee handbooks, succession plans, vendor agreements, etc. The LAS model provides ongoing availability and legal support to businesses, handling all legal queries as they arise.

Full transcript:

Hi, I’m Roy Oppenheim for Oppenheim Law. I want to talk a little bit about subscription-based legal services. I like to call it legal services as a subscription, LAS. And so, where that flies is just like, you know, with your Netflix, where you’re paying a monthly fee, whether you watch 1,000 hours of Netflix in a week or you don’t watch all, you’re paying your 7.99, 9.99, or 11.99 depending on how many people are in your household. In this case, it’s kind of the same thing, depending on how large your company is, and how much you’re going to use our services. We come up with a negotiated, agreed-upon amount for a flat fee every month. And typically, you know we’re there, we’re available, and we’re basically there for any questions that you have, reviewing your insurance contracts, your employee contracts, your employee handbook, reviewing succession plans, as well as all the other things that come up, vendor agreements, disagreements that you may have among any one of these groups. And so, we’re always there through our subscription legal services plan.