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Retained Corporate Counsel

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Attorney Roy Oppenheim discusses Oppenheim Law’s concierge program or retained corporate counsel service, which has been operating for approximately six years. This program provides clients with on-demand legal assistance, allowing them to consult with a lawyer whenever they face a crisis or need legal advice. The program is designed to foster long-term relationships by eliminating the unpredictability of hourly rates and unexpected bills, offering a flat monthly fee instead, thereby removing friction between the attorney and the client.

Full transcript:
Hi, attorney Roy Oppenheim here. I wanna talk a little bit about our retained corporate counsel program, which we also call our concierge program. A lot of times when you need an attorney, you have to go and look for someone when you have a specific problem. I think a lot of folks are starting to say, you know, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone in my pocket, ready to go, when I have a question, when I have a crisis, when I just need someone to bounce something off of so it doesn’t become a major problem.

And so, this program, which we’ve now had for probably about six years, has become very popular, and very successful, and we just wanna make sure that you all know about it as an alternative fee arrangement to, you know, receiving bills from your attorney every month, not knowing, uh, you know, how much it is, and if you’re gonna be able to afford to pay it. And we’re trying to get rid of that friction, get rid of that hostility between the attorney and the client, in terms of the hourly rate, and the bills. So if you kind of know what you’re getting every month, it’s a much nicer, and long-term relationship, and we’re enjoying it immensely. Thank you. Roy Oppenheim from The trenches.