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Real Estate Developers in Florida

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business, Business Attorney & Real Estate

Roy Oppenheim of Oppenheim Law shares his extensive experience in representing builders and developers of various scales over the past 30 years. His firm has facilitated billions of dollars’ worth of closings for some of Florida’s largest developers and continues to represent individuals involved in development projects, ranging from small to massive deals throughout the state. He encourages anyone involved in the development process to reach out to his firm, highlighting their expertise and long-standing relationships with a team of experts.

Hi, Roy Oppenheim for Oppenheim Law. During the course of the past 30 years, we’ve represented builders, developers, small builders, large developers. We’ve closed, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars… billions of dollars of closings for some of the largest developers in the state. And we continue to represent folks who are involved in development. Small deals, large deals, huge deals, massive deals, really throughout the state of Florida. And if you are involved in the development process, feel free to call us. We have the expertise as well as the experts who we’ve been working with for many, many years, and great relationships as a team process. And we’ll advise you properly. Roy Oppenheim “From The Trenches.”