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Paraquat Parkinsons Lawsuit Attorneys

By OPLawSocialMedia on Class Actions

Full transcript:

Hi, Attorney Roy Oppenheim, here. I want to talk to you a little bit about people who are suffering from Parkinson’s or Parkinsonian-like symptoms. And if you are, if you know someone, we need to determine whether or not that individual has been exposed to a commercial chemical called Paraquat. It’s typically used as an herbicide, and it’s typically used by people who are licensed to use it in the area of getting rid of weeds and other kinds of things in the area of herbicides.

And so, if you know someone that either had that kind of a license or was married to, or maybe was part of a family where the laundry was washed with the same clothing, it is very, very possible that if you know that person, and then they’re suffering from Parkinson’s or Parkinson’s-like disease, that they have been exposed to this chemical.

Many of the ailments that we have in our society today are environmentally based. And so, as the science evolves, we’re able to determine a particular disease and whether or not you have been exposed to that particular chemical.

So what we’d like you all to do is if you know someone who has Parkinson’s, to see whether or not they were exposed to this Paraquat, which is a very, very deadly type of chemical. And we want to make sure that if you were and you know someone, that you can seek your redress, seek remuneration, and contact us so that we can evaluate your case with our wonderful team of professionals that we have assembled. Roy Oppenheim, look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.