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Out Sourced in House Counsel

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business Attorney

Hi, this is Attorney Roy Oppenheim for Oppenheim Law. I wanted to review a little bit our corporate retainer program, otherwise what we call our concierge program, where we are basically 24/7 your inside, outside general counsel. And we have a number of companies, probably about a dozen now, that have taken advantage of this opportunity. Some are small companies, some are multi-million-dollar, billion-dollar companies. Some are retailers, some are wholesalers, some are in other businesses. But we are there for them, and they pay us a monthly fee for our services, and they know that if there’s ever a crisis, or a silly question, we’re always there for them. So this has become very popular, instead of being charged necessarily hourly for our time, you know what your legal bill is gonna be every month. No shocks, no surprises, no worries when you open the envelope from your lawyers. Roy Oppenheim from the trenches. Have a great weekend.