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Lender Representation

By OPLawSocialMedia on Real Estate

Roy Oppenheim, from Oppenheim Law, shares his extensive experience in representing lenders in various real estate transactions since his early career as a Wall Street attorney. These transactions range from mortgage creation to equity investments. Their title company, which has processed over $3.5 billion worth of transactions, regularly handles closings involving lenders. He highlights that they are well-equipped to assist lenders, whether they’re making commercial or residential mortgages, are institutional, or private, offering guidance through the complex landscape of real estate transactions.

Hi, Roy Oppenheim for Oppenheim Law. From my early days, you know, as a Wall Street attorney, we have represented lenders in all kinds of real estate transactions, whether they’re making a mortgage or whether they’re taking an equity slice or whatever they might be doing. We’ve been involved with representing lenders in the real estate area for years. Of course, our title company, which has done over $3.5 billion worth of transactions over the years, is routinely engaged in closings with involving lenders. But in terms of representing lenders specifically, whether they’re making commercial mortgages or residential mortgages, and whether or not they’re involved with various institutions or if they’re private, we can assist you in navigating those waters very well. Roy Oppenheim “From The Trenches.” Thank you.