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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorneys

By OPLawSocialMedia on Class Actions

Hi, Attorney Roy Oppenheim here. I’d like to discuss with you today a certain kind of defective product in the medical field called hernia mesh. The mesh is typically used to try and fix a hernia. And typically, what happens is the mesh over time, ends up integrating itself improperly with your skin and the organs, and causing all kinds of complications. And these complications can cause massive discomfort, can cause death, and cause all kinds of subsequent disease.

We’ve had loved ones who have had this problem, in fact. And typically, what you have to do is get the mesh out and either redo it. And that’s also very expensive, it’s costly, it’s harmful, and there’s a long recovery time.

Now, we have a number of clients already who we have brought actions for on behalf of themselves and their loved ones, their estates, where there has been an improper hernia mesh, you know, installed into someone’s body. And so, we’re here now to basically alert you that if you know someone who had a hernia mesh surgery, that if in fact there were complications or subsequent disease, we’d like to talk to you to evaluate your case to determine whether or not this is something that we would be able to handle for you and get you proper redress and compensation for the damage, the pain, the suffering that the manufacturers have caused you.

So please feel free to call us, Attorney Roy Oppenheim at Oppenheim Law. Look forward to hearing from you. Call 954-384-6114


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