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Fraud & Deceptive Trade Practices

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices: A Legal Perspective with Roy Oppenheim.

Overview: Attorney Roy Oppenheim sheds light on fraud and deceptive trade practices in both commercial and consumer litigation contexts, emphasizing their potential to invalidate contracts and the importance of expert legal consultation in such instances.

Hi, Attorney Roy Oppenheim here for Oppenheim Law. I want to talk a little bit about fraud and deceptive trade practices. This is an area typically of commercial litigation, but it also could be consumer litigation where, in fact, a retailer is not properly representing a fact to you. A real estate developer is just not disclosing something properly to you. And so, when in fact, you have that kind of fraud, you have that kind of deception, the underlying contract that you may have with that party may be thrown out because it’s premised upon fraud, and it’s premised upon fraud in the inception, meaning that the very fraud is what caused you to enter a contract in the first place. It’s kind of like the fruit from the poisonous tree. It pulls the rug out from the contract, and it could invalidate the contract.

And so, we like to look at these and very carefully decide if they’re matters that we wanna get involved with. We’ve been involved with these issues for years. And should you have any questions about fraud or deceptive trade practices, either in the commercial litigation context or in the consumer context, we’d be glad to talk to you.