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Flat Fee Attorney Program

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Attorney Roy Oppenheim discusses Oppenheim Law’s flat fee attorney program, also known as their concierge service. Under this program, businesses are billed monthly at a predetermined rate, ensuring transparency and predictability in their legal expenses. Clients have 24/7 access to legal advice, document review, and other services, making the law firm an integral part of their operation. This flat fee model allows even the employees of the company to reach out for legal help when needed.

Full transcript:
Hi, Attorney Roy Oppenheim here for Oppenheim Law. I wanna talk a little bit about our flat fee attorney programs, otherwise what we call our concierge program. Specifically, the program allows companies that we represent to be billed on a monthly basis, and for us to be on retainer on a flat fee so that they know every month exactly what they’re going to be billed for having us available twenty-four seven. So, they can call us, we can go over their documents if there’s any questions. We become part of their program, we become part of the ethos of their entity. And so, even the employees know if they have a question, they come and call us. It’s Roy Oppenheim for the Flat Fee program at Oppenheim Law. Have a great weekend.