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CPAP Lawsuit Attorneys | CPAP Lawsuit Update

By OPLawSocialMedia on Class Actions


Hi, Roy Oppenheim here. I would like to talk to you today a little bit about the sleep apnea machines that millions of people are using. They’re called CPAPs, and they’re typically made by Philips.

And one of the problems with the machine is that over time, it will give off a gas that you will inhale while you’re sleeping or poor breathing, and ultimately cause all kinds of ailments including a variety of cancers. And the way it works is really simple.

The machine is whirling around, making noise, and so they have built this structure around the motor that is made of a type of foam. And over time, the foam breaks down. It aerates, it turns into a gas, and it’s a poisonous type gas that ultimately you absorb into your lungs and causes all kinds of problems. And so, by trying to keep the machine from making noise, they actually cause a bigger problem. Instead of trying to help you sleep, it’s making you sick.

And so, if you know people who have sleep apnea, who if you’ve been using a CPAP machine, and subsequently have gotten sick or ill for no apparent reason whatsoever, we’d like to be able to tie those knots together for you to determine if, in fact, that loved one is suffering from a toxic tort caused by the CPAP sleep apnea machine made by Phillips.

So please call us. You have our number. Roy Oppenheim here, we have a wonderful group of professionals here to assist you and to figure this all out for you. It’s very complicated, but we finally have figured this out. We look forward to hearing from you. Again, Roy Oppenheim. Thank you.