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Business Formation and Planning Assistance

By OPLawSocialMedia on Business & Business Attorney

Roy Oppenheim of Oppenheim Law passionately assists and mentors budding entrepreneurs, guiding them through the crucial stages of business formation and planning to ensure their legal and operational needs are met and their ventures grow into successful enterprises. Learn about “Business Formation and Planning for Growth”

Roy Oppenheim for Oppenheim Law. One of the things I love to do as a lawyer is to help people when they’re starting a business. It’s just that there’s so much excitement going on. I love working with entrepreneurs. I consider myself one myself. I have a few companies over the years. The law firm is over 30 years old. I have title companies over 30 years old. And I just remember the excitement of starting these companies. But having said that, I love when people, typically they’re younger, are coming in, but they could be my age in theory, are starting a business, have a great idea. And I like to sit down with them and figure out what their legal needs are going to be, what their operational needs are going to be, and make sure that they’re on a good path.

And so, one of the things we like to do is work with them on the formation documents and other types of agreements that are going to be necessary. Just see where the money is coming from, and the investors are going to be properly protected. But when we’re working with startups, it’s a lot of fun. We try and cut them as much slack as possible, and like to see them grow and develop them into big oak trees that are going to grow from an acorn for a long time.