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Bair Hugger Lawsuit Update

By OPLawSocialMedia on Class Actions

Find the latest Bair Hugger lawsuit updates with Roy Oppenheim. Need a 3M Bair Hugger Lawyer? Call 954-384-6114.

Full Video Transcript:

Hi, Attorney Roy Oppenheim here. I’m here today to talk to you all about a particular type of personal injury that people have suffered when they have undergone knee replacement or hip surgery and where the results really weren’t what they expected. And many times the reason things didn’t go well is because of a medical device that’s called the Bair Hugger that’s actually manufactured by 3M that’s supposed to keep your blood circulating and keep the body at a certain temperature while the surgery is going on. Unfortunately, what this device did was that it sucked up contaminants from the floor, you know, all kinds of stuff that’s on the floor, dust and whatever else, and it ended up in the people’s body subsequently causing infections in people’s bodies after the surgery.

In some cases, there had to be a subsequent surgery to remove and clean the wound. In other cases, the whole thing had to be replaced. In some cases, people probably died. And all of those folks, whether it was you, or a loved one, or someone you know who experienced any of this is entitled to compensation for the defective product in connection with the botched surgery.

So again, my name is Roy Oppenheim, O-P-P-E-N-H-E-I-M. I can be reached at 954-384-6114. Again 954-384-6114. And if you’ve had any kind of knee surgery or hip replacement surgery that went wrong, and you believe it was because of this particular Bair Hugger device, or if you’re not sure, we’ll be happy to assist you to ascertain if in fact you’re entitled to compensation. Have a great day. Roy Oppenheim, 954-384-6114.



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