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60 Minutes with Roy Oppenheim: Foreclosure Defense Workshop

By Oppenheim Law on Foreclosure, Real Estate & Roy Oppenheim

Hi. This is legal blogger and foreclosure defense attorney Roy Oppenheim. I wanted to remind you all that we will be having our 26th consecutive seminar on the foreclosure crisis this Wednesday night, December 8th at 6 p.m. You can catch it live at

And we’ll be doing basically a review of what’s been going on the past several months, really this whole past year. Focusing to a little bit of an extent on what the Federal Reserve has been doing, since they decided they now wanna be involved in whats going on. And also we wanna talk about on whats going on with the judges and this idea that we now have a body of law and a body of lore, L-O-R-E, a mechanism by which judges don’t necessarily follow the law, but just follow these new procedures that they have constructed in the area of this forecloser crisis. So we wanna talk about how we can use all this different factors that are going on, to help fashion a bailout for you and your family.

We wish you all a very happy and healthy holiday season, and we hope to catch you Wednesday night at 6 p.m on I’m Roy Oppenheim, see you then.