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3M Combat Earplug Lawsuit Update 2021

By OPLawSocialMedia on Class Actions

Hi, this is attorney Roy Oppenheim. I want to give you all an update on the 3M combat earplug litigation. Many of you know we’re representing dozens of folks that have served our nation and served in the armed forces and were given these earplugs that were supposed to reduce noise in combat or if they were gonna be exposed to some large explosion. The great irony, unfortunately, is that these earplugs failed miserably, and in some cases, it’s alleged they actually amplify the sound.

And, so this has now become actually the largest multi-level litigation, multi-level district litigation in the history of the United States. Up until now, asbestos was the largest multi-district litigation. And we are continuing to represent folks who have experienced some sort of loss of hearing, tinnitus, you know, hearing sounds in the ear, tingling noises in their ears which was caused by wearing these earplugs in them not having been affected when they were supposed to.

And so far they’ve been several auricle bellwether lawsuits that have been tried by the multi-district judge. And she’s trying to determine what the verdicts on these cases are going to be by the jury so that ultimately these cases can settle. And so right now, 3M is not doing particularly well. They’re losing most of these bellwether. They won one or two, but, for the most part, they’re losing most of them. And so this is gonna push probably this litigation to move very quickly into a settlement posture.

So if, in fact, you believe or you know someone, loved one that has been affected by the loss of hearing while they were in the military, serving our great country, and have been harmed by having been given these earplugs that did not work properly, please, I employ you to call us at 954-384-6114. I’m Roy Oppenheim, we’re representing dozens of folks right now, 954-384-6114. And I look forward to speaking with you and discussing your matter further. Have a great day. Thank you.