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Roy Oppenheim Weighs on In Probate Litigation

Tue Jul 6, 2021 by on Press Releases

Probate Litigation Attorney

Roy Oppenheim on Probate Litigation

“It does not surprise me that with this largest wealth transfer in the history of the world occurring particularly in states like Florida and more particularly in south Florida that people will get involved with crazy disputes.

For example, theres always the allegations of undue influence form by a second wife or estranged family member or by an over reaching sibling. The extent that individuals go to perpetrate these types of transgressions has no boundaries. 

There is little downside to this nefarious conduct as rarely are individuals prosecuted for forgery or fraud against a family member. The downside is you get caught you’re embarrassed and you don’t get your unjust desert. 

Many times, families will settle because of the disgrace announce aggravation and the cost of litigation. And most ironically there are not many lawyers that engage in probate litigation for a number of reasons, first the trust in the state lawyers are not litigators so the guy who prepared your will not step into court second your probate attorney is a retired real estate attorney is not looking for the excitement or aggravation. It is a rare breed when you find a good probate litigation attorney.”

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