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Boy Scouts Of America Abuse Claims: Deadline Approaches

Mon Oct 5, 2020 by on News & Press Releases

I wanted to update my clients and friends of Oppenheim Law concerning our representation of individuals who have suffered sexual abuse in connection with their participation in the Boy Scouts. What many people do not realize is that this abuse has been going on, in some cases, for more than seventy years. We have found that many individuals did not want to come forward  because of a self-perceived sense of shame and humiliation due to their experience. Many of our clients are in their 70s and 80s and had not told anyone about their abuse.

Unfortunately, by not coming forward, many Boy Scout victims  either have had to deeply suppress the memories to the point where they do not recall what happened, or in many cases, have had to live with this dark secret, reliving their experience on a daily basis.

My psychologist friends tell me that when you have such a riveting, painful experience, that it causes deep-seated psychological impact that can affect your entire life.  The silver lining to all of this is now that this problem has been exposed and is in the open, many people are  coming forward and explaining the kind of sexual harassment they endured. The perpetrators were usually a troop leader, or another Boy Scout, or  some leader in the Boy Scout operation. Much of the sexual misconduct frequently occurred at overnight camping events, at Jamborees, or sometimes at troop meetings by troop leaders and scout masters.  Many of the young boys were intimidated to tell their parents, or the police or some other leadership figure in the community, because of either veiled threats, or in the alternative, promises of certain advancement within the Boy Scout leadership, including receiving certain badges and reaching certain levels of leadership.

In many situations, the perpetrator, was exceptionally nice and generous to the individual victim and was effectively grooming that victim to build their trust so that they would be able to then perform sexual acts on the victim.

While the Boy Scouts expected “only” approximately 10,000 individuals to come forward and had set aside a billion dollars of insurance proceeds, we are  now seeing that there could be in excess of 30,000 victims. Insurance companies have now ponied up over 3 billion dollars.

If you or a loved one has been exposed to this kind of pernicious sexual abuse, we welcome you to call us so we can discuss your matter in the strictest of confidence.  Call us at 954-384-6114

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