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Advice on South Florida Foreclosure Process from Florida Attorney

Thu Aug 17, 2017 by on News

Florida Foreclosure Process

In a time when Florida foreclosures are at a record high, America’s governments and economists tend to avoid the obvious. Fact is, until our housing prices stabilize, the United States and world’s economy will continue to fall deeper into recession. Already, almost one-in-ten Florida homes are in foreclosure or close to it; thus, unless the number of foreclosures in Florida and across the United States slows down, our current economic crisis will only worsen. In fact, if the Florida foreclosure trend continues it could undermine the very social fabric of our community.

So what does this mean for you, Florida foreclosure victims?

Florida Foreclosure Process

If you or someone you know is in foreclosure, your best option is to do something about it – take action. The majority of people (95 percent) in the Florida foreclosure process choose to do nothing to defend their home. If you do not take action against your foreclosure suit, you will lose your home.

In the process of foreclosure in Florida, people are fooled to believe that they do not have any options. Many of our Florida foreclosure defense clients are happy to discover that in fact, there are many options for foreclosure assistance. The first necessary action is to hire competent foreclosure defense lawyers to handle the Florida foreclosure process.

At Oppenheim Law, our Florida foreclosure lawyers will inform you of the legal rights you have during foreclosure and are trained to defend you and your home during this time. As an American, you are entitled to your day in court.

Oppenheim Law foreclosure lawyers will take the worry out of the foreclosure process in Florida. Please contact us today for more information on our foreclosure defense and we will be glad to respond to your inquiry.