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Oppenheim Law delves into the complexities of employment disputes, shedding light on the intricacies of termination, discrimination, and harassment. Every employment dispute requires thorough scrutiny to ensure fair and legal actions on both sides, with a special emphasis on any   existing  employment agreements.

Key Areas of Focus:

Termination: A primary concern in employment disputes. Questions arise regarding the fairness and legality of the termination. Essential considerations include:

  • Existence of an employment agreement.
  • Possible violation of the employment agreement.
  • Determining if an employee was at-will.
  • The employer’s reason for termination.

Discrimination: Allegations of discrimination during termination are taken seriously. A dedicated team investigates claims to assess:

  • The validity of the discrimination claim.
  • Any potential violations against protected classes.
  • Best practices for resolution, whether representing an employer or an employee.

Harassment: Beyond just sexual harassment, any form of workplace harassment is recognized and addressed. Significant considerations include:

  • Assessing the nature and extent of harassment.
  • Ensuring an inclusive, respectful work environment.
  • Recognizing ‘constructive termination’ scenarios where an employee might feel compelled to resign due to hostile work conditions.

Service Offering: Oppenheim Law’s concierge flat fee program addresses many termination-related issues, providing an avenue for businesses to seek advice and representation in such complex matters.


The landscape of employment law is intricate, with every situation demanding a unique approach. Oppenheim Law stands at the forefront, representing both employers and employees, ensuring that every voice is heard and rights are protected. Whether facing termination concerns, discrimination claims, or harassment allegations, the firm offers a comprehensive approach to each matter.