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The flat fee attorney program, commonly referred to as the concierge service at Oppenheim Law, revolutionizes how businesses approach their legal needs. This service offers a transparent billing model that promotes clarity and predictability in legal expenses.

Key Points:

Transparent Billing Model: Oppenheim Law’s flat fee program bills businesses at a predetermined monthly rate. This transparency ensures that companies can effectively budget for their legal needs without unexpected costs.

24/7 Access: Participating businesses benefit from round-the-clock legal advice, document review, and other crucial services. This constant availability ensures that pressing legal matters receive timely attention.

An Extension of Your Team: The concierge service integrates Oppenheim Law into the fabric of your operations. This synergy allows even employees to reach out for legal guidance, promoting a holistic approach to the company’s legal health.


With the introduction of the flat fee attorney program, Oppenheim Law champions a proactive approach to legal consultation. The service’s predictable billing and constant accessibility foster a close working relationship between the law firm and its clients, bridging the gap between legal needs and business operations.