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The issue of what the standard of care is during this pandemic will lead to potential suits concerning people’s  welfare, whether it is aboard a ship or in an office where workers are still working despite current Stay at Home Orders. General liability insurance carriers will  face lawsuits surrounding their level of care to protect customers from the coronavirus. A perfect case in point is the first of its kind suit by a South Florida couple against Princess Cruise Lines for failing to take precautions to prevent a coronavirus outbreak after passengers on a previous sailing had symptoms.

Key to such negligence claims is that companies deliberately ignored critical information that could have prevented the spread of the coronavirus. A secondary claim under the general liability coverage is for personal injury offenses of false detention and imprisonment as people were forced to stay aboard the ship in their cabins.

Yet, some insurers may invoke exclusions for claims of property or bodily injury deriving from a pollutant or contaminant. Again, one must carefully read the language of the insurance policy to understand one’s coverage.

Our team is here for you to assist in reviewing a potential claim, analyzing your policy, and  providing strategic advice.