The Florida Small Business Bridge Loan is available to all COVID-19 affected business owners in Florida.  These are short-term, interest free working capital loans designed to “bridge the gap” between the disaster and when a business can secure longer term recovery funding such as other federal disaster relief, insurance claim payments,  and/or resumption of revenue.  These loans are short term loans and not grants, and require repayment.

Applicants must have been established prior to March 9, 2020,  and suffered economic damages due to the disaster.  The term of the loan is one year, and the amount of the loan is up to $50,000.00 per eligible small business (although, in some cases, the loan can be up to $100,000.00).  A small business is defined as a business of 2 to  up to 100 employees, and only one loan is eligible per business.  Approved loans will be interest-free for the first 1 year. The Interest rate will be 12% per annum on the unpaid balance thereafter, until the loan balance is repaid in full.  Loan default is subject to a normal commercial collection process.

Applications will be accepted through May 8, 2020; however, they are contingent on the availability of funds. View Loan here: https://floridadisasterloan.org/


As of April 14, 2020,  the initially allocated funds of $50 million were officially extinguished and no more applications will be accepted until further notice. Apparently, only $1,000 loans out of 38,000 applications for the bridge loan were approved.