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I would focus on Business Attorney Category  and Real Estate—and Real Estate Contracts and Breaches.

Breach of construction contract and construction law are not necessarily the same—

We need to focus on state wide leads or people from outside FL moving to FL for both categories above.

So, what do you need on these landing pages that is not covered by a snippet and also how can we be recognized more for the snippets?

As for the corporate concierge—we should probably have separate landing pages for “flat fee general counsel services”   “Part-time corporate counsel”  “general Counsel on Call”  “Corporate counsel on demand”  “Outside GC”  “Outside Legal Counsel”

Become more broad in the search in order to entice more to call.

Increasingly, businesses and entrepreneurs require a trusted legal advisor to assist them with legal issues that arise on a daily basis. It may be necessary to acquire or sell a product or service that requires a purchase and sale agreement, such as hiring or firing an employee, reviewing vendor and customer contracts, renewing insurance, entering into a new lease, changing or forming a new or additional corporate structure, or changing or forming a new or additional corporate structure. Other issues may involve commercial disputes which, if handled properly, may prevent litigation or, if already in litigation, will not become too adversarial.

General Counsel Services on a Flat Fee Basis

In addition to these issues, Oppenheim Law recognizes that most business owners and entrepreneurs require the assistance of a trusted legal advisor.

How does a flat fee general counsel service work?

Rather than having an in-house attorney, we act as your in-house counsel at a fraction of the cost. We are here to answer any questions, to suggest solutions, and to help you grow your business by guiding you before and when legal issues arise. As your in-house counsellor, we provide you with immediate access to our highly qualified team of attorneys at an affordable monthly rate. For direct communication with us, we provide you with our cell phones.

Flat Fee Legal Counsel Program

A dedicated team of lawyers and counsellors with over 90 years of combined experience is available to you through this program. This service offers preventative legal assistance, thereby minimizing and potentially avoiding costly litigation. By offering proactive and preventative legal services at a reasonable, consistent cost, you can budget your law-related expenses throughout the year comfortably.

What are the benefits of this program?

By participating in our Flat Fee Legal Services Program, you will receive the attention, experience, and responsiveness you deserve. This is without having to pay an excessive amount of attorney fees each minute. By providing an affordable monthly rate based on your needs, we remove the growing concern that many business owners have that legal costs are too high.

What is the solution? Flat fee legal services

Our Flat Fee Legal Counselors relieve you of unwarranted stress as business owners and entrepreneurs. This allows you to focus on growing your own business rather than worrying about unwarranted stress. You may contact us by email or telephone at 954-384-6114 if you are interested in learning more about our Flat Fee Legal Services Program.