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Palm Beach County Administrator’s Emergency Order No. 12

On June 24, 2020, Palm Beach County’s Administrator executed  Emergency Order No. 12 effective as of June 25, 2020 requiring:

  • Facial Coverings in all indoor Business and Establishments, including, restaurants, retail,  hotel, grocery stores, gyms, pharmacies, recreational indoor activities, and vehicles for hire.  This includes entering, exiting and riding the Palm Tran transit services and all other Municipal Governmental Facilities.
  • Facial Coverings in all outdoor Business, Establishments and public places where social distancing is not possible or not being practiced.
  • Businesses and establishments must establish a process of verification of compliance with the provision of the Order.

It should be noted that there are exemptions to the facial covering mandate including but not limited to children under the age of two years old; people for whom wearing a facial covering conflicts with a religious belief; individuals exercising who abide by social distancing rules; and those who have a medical condition for which wearing a facial covering may reduce breathing or lung capacity.  For more detailed information, please see here.

  • Businesses and establishments must comply with the Following Signage requirements:

All restaurants and food Service establishments shall conspicuously post the “Restaurants and Food Service Establishment Required Signage”.

All retail and other establishments shall post the “Retail and Other Establishments Required Signage”.

Signage must be conspicuously posted and visible at all entry points of the establishment in must be in multiple languages (at least English, Spanish and Creole).

  • Violations of any provision of this Order by individuals or Businesses may result in the imposition of civil citations for fines of up to $250 for the first incident, and $500 for each repeated violation.

The complete list of Palm Beach County’s COVID-19 Orders and attachments can be accessed HERE.