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Hi, this is attorney Roy Oppenheim, for Oppenheim Law. Many of you may know that the Boy Scouts of America is currently in bankruptcy. You may also know that they’re in bankruptcy because there have been a series of class actions that have been filed against them because they have been unbelievably pathetic in terms of how they have handled the misconduct of troop leaders since literally 1965. The Boy Scouts have been around since the 1900s. And they have known that there have been troop leaders all over the United States who have sexually molested the young boys. It’s a terrible, terrible thing. And because there are so many cases now out there, they have filed for bankruptcy, they set aside a billion, a billion and a half dollars to settle these claims. We’re here to see if you have the possibility of having been abused or know someone who had been sexually abused in the Boy Scouts over the past 40 or 50 years. It’s imperative that you call us in the next few weeks.

Boy Scout Lawsuit Attorneys Call 954-384-6114

There is going to be a set deadline. The deadline is coming up, it’s in about several weeks. And we asked you that if you have been abused or you know someone that’s been abused in the Boy Scouts, it’s very important that you call us 954-384-6114, 954-384-6114. I need to tell you this is a very, very personal situation. People, you know, need to deal with this, it has probably screwed up many people’s lives. It’s affected them emotionally, affected how they relate to other family members and other people. So we understand the impact here. And it’s very important to us that we be able to help you. We want you to get justice. 954-384-6114. Roy Oppenheim, for Oppenheim Law, representing those folks who have been abused in the Boy Scouts.