Resolving Gambling Debts

As legalized gambling has become more pervasive in Florida as well as elsewhere in the United States, so have the problems associated with excessive gambling. In particular, some individuals end up with huge gambling debts whereby they owe the casinos large sums of money, but are not in a position to repay those obligations. That is where our firm typically comes in. Over the years, we have litigated and negotiated with the top casinos in the United States concerning settling large gambling debts.

Under the appropriate circumstances, we will handle such matters on a reverse contingent basis whereby OppenheimLaw firm will keep a percentage of the amount that we end up saving you from having to repay. In fact, the firm has been involved and engaged in this practice area for more than 20 years. But only recently has the issue become again to the forefront as gambling has become a major part of the south Florida economy and further appears that it will only continue to grow as Miami continues to emerge as a world class international destination.

So if you are confronting large unpaid casino debts and are either being harassed by the casinos or in fact the casino are suing you for such obligations, please feel free to call or email our firm so we can help evaluate your case and provide you peace of mind.