Construction Law

Our firm has been involved with construction law for over 25 years. We have represented and worked side by side with builders, contractors, subcontractors, specialty trade contractors, engineers, architects, planners, and material suppliers. Regardless of your role in a construction project, we are prepared to handle your construction law issues. Over the years, we have successfully resolved numerous diverse construction law cases that our clients have encountered.

One of our areas of practice in construction law is assisting contractors in perfecting their lien rights and making sure that they are compensated for their time, money and effort that they have invested in a project. On the flip side, we also take pride in our track record when it comes to defending property owners from frivolous or inaccurate lien claims.

From initial contract negotiations on a project to subsequent legal actions occurring well after completion of a project and anywhere in-between, our firm is permanently fixed to making sure that you receive the best resolution possible concerning your construction law issues.

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