Florida Real Estate Attorneys Representing Sellers

Selling a Home with a Florida Real Estate Attorney

Today’s Florida real estate market is frequently characterized as a buyer’s market. That’s why, now more than ever, the benefits of having a real estate attorney by your side during the selling process Florida real estate closing are a significant consideration. The real estate attorneys at Oppenheim Law have gone through various bubbles and busts in the Florida real estate market and more than 19 years of counseling Florida real estate sales, our attorneys have represented cases in both good and bad markets.

With the current chaos in the economic environment, it is critical that Florida real estate sellers have the necessary real estate law advice when they sell a piece of real estate or their home. Many sellers today are underwater with their mortgages and actually owe more money to their bank than the property is worth. In these unique circumstances, the real estate attorneys at Oppenheim Law will work with you in attempting to effectuate a short sale with your lender so you do not come out of pocket at closing. In cases where a Florida short sale is not the best option, other strategies need to be considered. Oppenheim Law will guide the seller through their options, for example, a deed in lieu of foreclosure. In this case, the goal is to turn the property back over to the bank without a foreclosure and without the bank coming after the homeowner for the difference in the value of the property.

Also, sellers today need to be careful about their disclosures with issues concerning mold and now Chinese drywall. It is very important that a seller is cautious in their representations, as well as with their disclosures. Thus, it is critical that a seller today have a trusted real estate attorney by their side.