Internet Related Law

Starting back in 1996, when the internet was in its infancy Oppenheim Law was one of the first law firms in the State of Florida to actually have a web site. In fact, back in those days there were no web designers and the law firm had to engage an architect who was moonlighting as a web designer.

Interestingly, Roy Oppenheim himself, an early adapter to email and the internet, obtained one of the shortest email addresses on the internet: In fact, Mr. Oppenheim continues to use that personal email address to this day. Further, the law firm ended up selling its original web domain of in an interesting and well publicized transaction that ended up being highlighted in the National Law Journal in the year 2000 (URL).

Since that time the firm has regularly been engaged to represent companies and individuals who have used the internet to further promote their business. At times the firm has even had to be engaged where an individual’s likeness was inappropriately used on a Facebook page. In addition, the firm has represented brokers of web sites who have bought and sold URL addresses, and individuals who have wanted unflattering information removed from the net and Google in particular. Further, the firm has negotiated various web design contracts that involve the ownership of the intellectual property of the sites and has also developed the terms of use for various new internet startups. The company further has been involved with the representation of app developers and the merger and sale of such apps.

As the firm itself is constantly involved with internet-related matters, the firm is probably one of its largest ongoing clients in relation to internet-related issues. Thus, should you be engaged in commerce on the internet (and who is not today) Oppenheim Law encourages you to call us so that we can assist you in making sure that you are properly represented.

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