Insurance Related Litigation

Many times individuals and corporations think because they have insurance, if they do get sued, they will be covered. However, as many of our clients have learned the hard way that is not always the case. The firm is routinely involved in litigation where the insurance underwriter has gone bankrupt or refuses coverage whereby our client was forced to defend lawsuits that should have been defended by its insurance carrier. Thus, besides having been engaged in defending various lawsuits that should have been defended by the insurance underwriter, the firm has successfully sued an insurance agent for having negligently placed the insurance with an underwriter that the agent knew or should have known was financially unstable.

In addition, the firm has had to represent individuals who thought they had insurance, but for one reason or another the insurance underwriter took the position that the policy had not been properly paid. In such a situation, the firm was successful in demonstrating to the insurance company that the insurance company’s notice of termination had gone to the wrong place. Thus, the firm is developing an expertise in the area of insurance coverage related matters. Such areas typically would include forcing an insurance company to accept coverage of liability and to provide proper representation where, for whatever reason, the insurance company is taking the position that such coverage is not available pursuant to a particular insurance policy.

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