Health Law

Health law is an ever evolving and complex field. Oppenheim Law assists health care facilities in navigating these often times murky waters. Oppenheim Law provides services to facilities in all areas of health care, ranging from major medical to mental health and substance abuse.

Services provided by Oppenheim Law include:

  • – Audit Strategy
  • – Implementation of Best Practice Methods
  • – In-House Counsel and Support Services
  • – Parity Violation Claims
  • – Collections
  • – Negotiation of Employment Contracts for Doctors and Facilities
  • – Preparation of Non-Compete Agreements
  • – Sale of Practice

At Oppenheim law we believe it is better to preempt potential issues before they arise. With extensive knowledge in medical billing, best practice methods, and insurance audits, Oppenheim Law can prepare facilities to both avoid and successfully face insurance audits. The implementation of best practice methods coupled with our in-house counsel and support services can provide facilities peace of mind, knowing they are in compliance with applicable laws. With Oppenheim Law health care facilities can focus on their practice and we can handle the rest.

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