Florida Foreclosure Deed In Lieu

Florida Foreclosure Options: Deed in-lieu

Inside ways to defend Florida foreclosure. Florida foreclosure defense attorney, Roy Oppenheim, gives deed in-lieu legal advice to homeowners looking for solutions to save their homes.

In the process of foreclosure in Florida homeowners have the option for deed in-lieu or pre-packaged foreclosure. Oppenheim Pilelsky foreclosure attorney’s can assist with the Florida foreclosure process and help homeowners make a decision about their long-term ownership options.

Similarly to Florida short sales, the deed in-lieu and pre-packaged foreclosure process involves negotiating with the bank. In both situations, the banks ends up with the property and the homeowner may be able to walk away. When the bank obtains the property, the homeowner is left in peace, without a deficiency judgment case or constant calls from the bank. Until recently, Florida banks were not doing many deeds in-lieu, which for long had not been an option during the Florida foreclosure process.

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