Florida International Civil Law Notary

While there are over a 100,000 lawyers in the State of Florida, there are only approximately 150 lawyers who are, in fact Florida (International) Civil Law Notaries. While the use of International Civil Law Notaries is not prevalent in the State of Florida it has major ramifications to those involved with Florida real estate who reside overseas. Specifically, a Florida ( International) Civil Law Notary in many circumstances can notarize a document outside of the United States if those documents pertain to Florida real estate.

Simply put that means that when an individual or a corporation is unable to actually come to the United States or Florida to complete a Florida real estate related transaction a Florida (International) Civil Law Notary can actually under certain circumstances be able to go to that particular country and have those documents executed there. In addition a Florida (International) Civil Law Notary is free to notarize documents anywhere in international waters as well as anywhere over international waters if it pertains to Florida real estate. Thus the need to always come to the United States to conduct a Florida related real estate transaction is no longer necessary. To get more information and details on this kind of a service please feel free to contact our firm and specifically Roy Oppenheim.

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