Construction Lien Law


As the economy begins to improve many builders, contractors and subcontractors have once again become active in the construction trade here in Florida after a housing bubble-induced hibernation.

As a result they may be a little rusty with the current state of construction lien law, which states that a contractor has the right to place a lien on a property to recover the costs of any labor or materials used during the construction process if they were not paid by the property owner.

On the flip side, we have also represented many property owners who’ve been held hostage by a bad or bogus construction lien.

Keep in mind construction lien law requires a certain amount of exactitude in its implementation, thankfully Oppenheim Law has once again become extremely active in the representation of many builders, contractors and subcontractors.

Our qualified attorneys are currently involved in various litigation representing such parties throughout Florida.

If one of our attorneys can assistance you in filing or recovering a construction lien, please click here to contact Oppenheim Law, and a member of the firm will respond promptly to your inquiry.